New Venues

For the right type of venue, low-key and smaller-style Classic Car events can be a fantastic way to introduce new clientele to your establishment.


Would you be interested in hosting these sorts of events?


Classic Car Meeting


If so, please get in touch by emailing: [email protected]


Club RetroTorque specialises in arranging smaller scale, more intimate-style classic car meetings, particularly at traditional countryside-style gastropubs. Typically, these smaller scale meetings attract 10-20 cars.


Our meetings are peaceful and relaxed occasions, attracting (well-behaved) classic car enthusiasts from all backgrounds.


We’re looking to expand our membership network nationwide, with meetings taking place throughout the country, and we're looking to work in partnership with suitable venues. We'll work to promote the meetings under the banner of Club RetroTorque, advertising the meetings to our ever-growing membership, continuing with the tone and ethos of what we have already established.


We’ve found that our meetings are a wonderful way for people to be introduced to new pubs and other venues. These meetings have a long-term pay-off, not restricted to just the individual classic car events. If customers have a great time, they'll come back repeatedly, of their own volition.


There are some fantastic pubs tucked away, just waiting to be discovered by a wider clientele.  


Also, it’s surprising, but we've found if the meetings gain enough momentum with a quorum of friends in attendance every time, they can be sustained right throughout the year. Indeed, sometimes the winter meets are the most enjoyable, with everyone chatting and socialising inside.


Meetings can be scheduled when pubs and venues are normally less busy. And they can be billed with a specific purpose in mind, such as our lunchtime meetings, which encourage people to come into the pubs and have lunchtime food.


We find things work best when the venues allow casual attendances, perhaps with pre-booking, rather than trying to arrange pre-bought set meal packages or group buffets.


If you’d like to know more, and to discuss things further, please get in touch.


Mathew Taylor 

Club RetroTorque co-founder